Was the food “fair”?

Staff writer attends Florida State Fair to try fried fare


Racquel Ingram , staff writer

The Florida State Fair comes to the city of Tampa once every year, around February  7-18th.  There’s a lot of great and fun opportunities at the fair, from the rides to the animals to the game booths to the food.

When you hear that there is a fair coming to town most people think of the food – and at our Florida State fair, the food is amazing. If you went and you didn’t try these food items be sure to try them next time you go.

The fair can be a pretty expensive place depending on what you’re doing so in times of hunger the $2.50 Diner is a great place for cheap but wonderful food such as burgers, fries, nachos, soft brinks, and hot dogs.



Another tasty classic that you may or may not have missed out on is the original fair funnel cake. Every one loves funnel cake. A nice crispy bread with the choice of chocolate syrup, blueberry syrup or even just plain.

Another great thing that you may have missed out on is the giant cheese stick. The giant cheese stick is amazing. You would think that eating a giant cheese stick every bite would be a mouthful of cheese. The first couple bites were of course for the effect of it being a giant cheese stick but other than that it was really good. It has sort of a lime taste to it but mixed in with the marinara sauce it goes perfectly.*

Another classic food is turkey legs which sometimes can be hard to find. The ones at the fair are to die for. Its freshly cooked with a nice coat of honey smeared around it and when you pull it apart the first thing you see is the steam coming from a freshly cooked turkey leg.


Last but certainly not least, we have drinks. Everybody who has been to the fair knows that they have WONDERFUL lemonade. But they also have frosted drinks. They have a frosted lemonade which is made with there famous lemonade and ice cream, blended into a frosted wonder land. They also have a crush orange dream slushie which is pretty much orange Fanta and ice cream.


Overall the fair was an amazing experience. It was definitely a time to remember and I would definitely recommend going- and trying all of their amazing food.