RHSToday in Fashion: Simple yet stylish


Amelia Foster, A&E Editor

Robinson junior Lena Nguyen wears a striking yet minimalistic outfit.

About the student:

Name: Lena Nguyen

In her spare time, Nguyen competes in pageants and is secretary for orchestra and Robinson’s BeUNICEF club.


What’s your favorite part of the outfit?

“I would have to say my pants because I really like the color and they’re the most bright pants I have.”

Do you think there’s any piece that pulls your look together?

“My shirt because it really just balances out the pink.”

Do you plan your outfits out in advance?

“I usually just wake up and see what I have.”

Do you care about fashion?

“I care what I look like because I think what you look like predicts your day.”

Do you have any style icons

“No, I just look for inspo from Instagram and from magazines.”

How would you describe your style in a couple words?

“Simple and neutral.”


About the outfit:

The sweater: Nguyen’s sweater is textured and clearly soft, perfect for a day with mild weather. The white color adds to the neutral look yet is bright enough that the outfit draws the eye. The turtleneck sets the sweater apart from just any sweater you’d find, and the baggy fit perfectly contrasts the slim jeans.

Accessories and hair: The cheetah print belt adds both texture and pattern to the outfit, giving it a minor sense of flair. The long and minimalistic necklace pairs well with the turtleneck sweater and keeps the sweater from having too much empty space. Her hair is lightly done, portraying effort and a passion for style.

The pants: Nguyen’s pants are a millennial pink–simultaneously fitting recent trends and setting her apart from the crowd. The pop of color to an otherwise simple outfit shows thought put into the outfit. The slightly cropped jeans keeps the look modern and clean.

The shoes: The shoes are basic black slip-ons that have a bit of added texture; another piece of her outfit that is simultaneously simple and anything-but. The low-top style compliments the cropped jeans and doesn’t distract from the rest of the look.