Review: “Endgame” is the perfect endgame

A spoiler-free review of the movie you’re going to see anyways.


Part of the “Avengers: End Game” poster

Amelia Foster, A&E Editor

“Avengers: Endgame” is undeniably the most talked about movie of 2019 so far, but up until I saw it, I wasn’t sure that it would live up to the hype- especially after “Infinity War” lacked. “Infinity War” felt too much like they were trying to be the movie of the century, instead of focusing on the characters that made Marvel great. Yet, I caught myself drawn into “Endgame” almost against my will, and I can whole-heartedly say that I absolutely loved it.

The plot (which I refuse to spoil because I’m not evil) was solid with no easily discernible holes. The movie was genuinely emotional without feeling like it had to rely on a shocking plot-twist to make you cry; I’ve never cried during a movie in my life, but even I felt tears come to my eyes as the people around me sobbed. But most of all, “Endgame” was a mature film that was respectful to the characters. “Endgame” explored what made the Marvel characters tick, and then used that guiding force to craft a film that felt like a perfect resolution for them.

The nostalgia in “Endgame” is what really dragged me in. I started watching Marvel films at a young age, and I was terrified that “Endgame” wouldn’t actually feel like an endgame- I didn’t want to leave the theater wanting more. Yet “Endgame” delivered, and felt like a satisfying end to an era that defined modern superhero movies. I felt like I was eight years old again walking out of “Captain America: The First Avenger” and excitedly turning to my dad asking him “What’s next?”

“Endgame” was exactly what I wanted and more, and is bound to be one of Marvel’s best movies. Whether you were Team Cap or Team Iron Man, don’t stress, “Endgame” will leave you feeling content.