Krispy Kreme’s new “Monster Bunch” is here

Krispy Kreme has introduced three new donuts in honor of Spooky season.


Krispy Kreme’s new monster trio.

Jaylen Stasio, Staff Writer

In honor of Halloween, Krispy Kreme has introduced 3 new spooky, yet still cute, donuts. As a donut expert, I decided I needed to give them a taste.

All of these donuts have a special name assigned to them: Slimon, Mumford, and Hypno-Henry. This seasonal trio is filling up every Krispy Kreme store in the country.

The first donut I tried was “Slimon.” Slimon is a green “slime” glazed donut with lemon filling in the middle, topped with a swirl of green cream. This wasn’t the best donut I’ve ever tasted, but the design of the donut really caught my eye. The vibrant green color really screams Halloween and intrigues my taste buds. The “slime” stuck to my fingers and was very messy. In my opinion, lemon flavor is better outside of a donut.

The next donut was Mumford. Mumford is mainly just a change in appearance on the original glazed donut. Mumford is an original glazed donut topped with purple and white icing and designed to look like a mummy. The depiction of the mummy was very well represented and is definitely unique. Although Mumford didn’t have any unique flavors, it was still delicious.

The last donut I tested was named Hypno-Henry. Hypno-Henry is cake-batter filled donut covered in yellow icing and orange sugar. The design of the frosting is in a spiral in order to mimic the look of a hypnotists special trick. This was my favorite donut. The filling inside had a very creamy texture with a great taste. I wouldn’t suggest this donut if you don’t like very sugary foods. The little face on top of the donut serves as a reminder that the donuts aren’t there to intimidate you with scares.  The birthday cake flavoring didn’t taste as artificial as I anticipated, which made me happy. If I had to choose one donut out of these three, I would choose Hypno-Henry.

Just like all Krispy Kreme donuts, it was hard to stop eating them once I took a bite. All in all, this trio was a refreshing idea to spice up the menu and I would recommend purchasing the Monster Bunch.