Visit Eroda: No land quite like it

Connections have been speculated between a mysterious island and Harry Styles


The Visit Eroda page’s map of the island

Jennifer Le, Staff Writer

Among the heated excitement for Harry Styles’s upcoming album Fine Line, the singer is finding different ways to keep promoting it. The next song Styles is releasing from the album before its full debut is “Adore You”, which will follow his recent “Watermelon Sugar.” Fairly recently though, reviews had began to pop up for the apparent island of Eroda on its Facebook page.

If you haven’t come across any of the island’s promotions, Eroda is essentially an small island that’s your average cinematic fishing island, built with light houses, villages, fish markets and pubs. The island appears to revolve around its specialty in fishery as its social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are embedded with their fish logo and “no land quite like it” slogan. The accounts continuously post the perks of visiting their island like any normal tourist site would, but the photos didn’t appear genuine to some, leading to speculation of who’s behind the island.

When reading the reviews posted on Eroda Island’s Facebook page, some found that there were reviews of the island’s fruit, which included kiwi, watermelon, and cherries. Fans then started to connect the fruit to Styles’s music. The English singer’s first album included the track, “Kiwi” and his Fine Line album will include “Watermelon Sugar” and “Cherry”, references to his ex-girlfriend, Camille Rowe.

The island’s website includes a series of the Eroda’s “attractions”, like Golden Way and Cherry Street, yet again referring to Fine Line’s songs, “Golden” and “Cherry”. It became more obvious when noticing the listed Adore Salon and Spa, yet another attraction, this time linked to “Adore You.”

Some fan accounts noticed that the pictures of Eroda island looked similar to Scottish fishing island, St. Abbs, where pictures of Styles were posted a few months back filming a music video. As if that wasn’t enough to convince fans that Styles is behind the accounts, Eroda spelled backwards is Adore, and Styles’s song “Adore You” will be released on December 6th, one week before Fine Line’s debut.

Monday morning, Styles uploaded the teaser video of his “Adore You” music video, which confirmed the connection between the song and the island. The teaser’s narrative introduced the island of Eroda in a more eerie and ominous way. The music video supposedly follows a boy from the island of Eroda who has a special gift in his smile. Styles then posted a poster for the music video, adding confirmation to fans who hadn’t seen the teaser that the island’s promotions is a part of his release of “Adore You.”

Booking tickets for your vacation to Eroda won’t be possible as the island isn’t real, but you can look forward to seeing the true nature of the island in Styles’s music video at it’s release on Friday.