Review: Selena Gomez is back in business

Selena Gomez finally releases her comeback album.


Selena Gomez’s “Rare” album.

Jaylen Stasio, Staff Writer

There’s nothing harder than going through a breakup or getting over someone who–at one point–held a special place in your heart. Selena Gomez expresses those feelings and process of recovery through her new album, Rare. Gomez expresses the difficulties that come with rough experiences through her unique and relatable lyrics.

Over the past couple years, pop star Selena Gomez has gone through lots of unfortunate experiences. Gomez claims that by hitting the bottom, she was able to start on a new and better path. That better path produced her album Rare, her first full album in four years. Overall, I loved the album. I feel like she was revealing a part of her that wasn’t visible before which is inspiring.

Rare focuses on the struggles in Gomez’s past and the path to her overcoming those struggles. Gomez wrote this new album to represent how much she has recovered from her pain and serves as a help to those that are going through something. I really enjoyed this album because of the vulnerability expressed through Gomez’s songs, the way she was vulnerable to the world was brave and I admire that.

The opening song, “Rare” illustrates the realization of a failing relationship. It embodies the idea that Gomez believes she is special and her partner does not notice what they are missing out on. The upbeat tempo of the song perfectly encompasses the message of the song, emphasizing the idea of self-love and confidence. I felt that this song best explains the whole focus of the album and was a great opener to the album.

“Dance Again” also incorporates self-love and confidence into the dancing type beat. The piano playing in the background in contrast with the club type beat makes for the perfect party song.

“Look At Her Now” and “Lose You To Love Me” were released a little time before the end of 2019. These songs continue with the main message of the album of overcoming your past battles and starting on a new path to bettering yourself. The lyrics are really inspiring and uplifting, letting you know that whatever you’re going through, you can get through it.

“Crowded Room” is a combination of both Gomez and 6LACK. Personally, I have never heard of 6LACK before but his voice was really unique and soothing. This song had a very chill vibe that was enjoyable and fun to listen to. This song is different than the others on the album because it features 6LACK rapping. Even though he is rapping, the song maintains its chill vibe.

“Cut You Off” is a great breakup anthem or even a great song to listen to when you are ending a friendship. The guitar along with the drum beat makes the song really catchy and free-flowing. This adds to the album because it brings in a Taylor Swift kind-of feel.

The album closes with the song “A Sweeter Place.” Personally, I don’t think that this song should’ve been the one to close out the album. This song, unlike the others, talks about how she wants to find a “sweeter place” (a companion), but she’s going through so many thoughts in her mind. The lyrics sounded repetitive and the meaning became redundant. What Gomez is trying to make apparent to her listeners throughout the album is that problems get easier and moving on is hard but it’s the right thing to do.