Review: The Stranger is quite strange

The TV series The Stranger leaves me wanting another season.


The new Netflix TV series The Stranger.

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer

When I saw the TV series The Stranger on Netflix, it got me locked in right away and next thing I knew I was pressing play. By the end of the first episode I was hooked, and my attention span never broke throughout the season.

The first episode begins in a very peculiar environment. It was a big bonfire with a bunch of teenagers drinking and dancing, but there was no music. I was really confused why no music was playing but everyone was dancing. All of a sudden the video switches to a boy running through the forest naked. It transitions back and forth between the boy and the bonfire. I thought the acting from these scenes were extremely convincing. At this point I was weirded out, but intrigued at the same time.

The show did a really good job of leaving me hooked because of how mysterious it was. The mystery began straight away in the first episode where the stranger reveals a bomb dropping secret to one of the main characters, Adam Price, about his wife Corinne. Adam confronts her and she leaves without explaining herself. I had the desire to continue watching to find out what happened to Corinne.

The character, the stranger was the most mysterious part of the show. She would drop into people’s lives and expose their deepest secrets, she would ruin people’s relationships, and she would even blackmail people for money. This made me more engaged because I wanted to know why she was doing that.

The episodes pan back and forth throughout each one over to another perspective. This made the story line more interesting because it felt like there were two stories in one. At the beginning it was somewhat chaotic but I thought the show eventually made it very smooth. By the end of the season, both sides interact with each other, instead of switching back and forth. 

Overall, I enjoyed The Stranger. I would highly recommend this season for anyone with the love of suspense. It’s the type of show that has you hoping that nothing like that happens to you. If you are looking for a short Netflix series to keep your mind perplexed, The Stranger is a good one to watch.