Why These Trends?

Justin Madison seems to be everywhere.

Meng Fei Shen

Define planking. It’s laying horizontally, face-down at a strange location to make your body like a plank of wood.

Define Harlem Shake. It’s a 30-40 second long dance with initially one person shaking their upper body and halfway through, a bunch of others join in with excessively random dancing.

Define Gangnum Style. It’s a song/rap/dance that originated from Korea’s pop star, Psy, which includes a horse-imitating move with a catchy beat, that has received over one billion hits on YouTube.

[what would happen if Harlem Shake married Gangnum Style? Click here to find out.]

Now, define why these weird moves have arbitrarily become popular during different and random time periods?

To tell you the truth, there’s no coherent answer. Whether it’s their individual uniqueness, eccentricity, or originality that distills these trends from others, I can say that these trends are, in a nutshell, meaningless.

I mean, sure, you can post a picture of you laying flat down, like a dead piece of wood, on Facebook. Sure, you can totally post a video of psycho dancing that makes you feel nauseous a few second later. And sure, go ahead and dance like a Korean horse. I’ll come later on, give you a disdaining expression, and sophisticatedly get myself some caramel macchiato while I enjoy my classical music.

But hey man, America’s a free country, and you can do whatever you want, even if it’s “unswaggy”, if that’s a word…..