Club Draft

Christine Bocchino, RHSToday Editor-in-Chief

“Come join FCA! ‘Jesus pizza’ once a month on Thursdays!”

“Four score and seven years ago…Join JSA!”

“Vive la France!”

The sound of students coaxing each other to join academic clubs, “to impress colleges,” and interest clubs from bowling to film filled the senior lunch area on Wednesday and today, as the school’s 50+ clubs recruited members for the 2013-2014 school year.

“Drafting is our main way to get people, especially 9th graders and traditional students, involved in our club, especially because Mr. Ward, our sponsor, is an IB teacher,” said Jonathan Sims (’15), an officer in French Club.

In addition to the new honor societies this year, the school’s oldest and most popular spirit club, Knightmare, retired after last year, but the club, which had nearly 200 students last year, later re-formed with Mr. Simmons, an IB history teacher, as its sponsor. Students felt the need to continue the legacy of knight pride, and took it upon themselves to keep the club going.

Whether for a co-cirricular club, honor society, service organization or interest group, the student-run club draft was a success in bringing new and returning knights together in preparation for the first club day, September 16th.