Robinson Wind Ensemble Earns Superior at MPA

Claire Hawley, Staff Writer

Friday, March 28, 2014 Robinson’s wind ensemble and concert band were assessed at MPA and earned a Superior.  Wind ensemble, the higher level group, had 10 practices and one Pre-MPA concert as a practice run.

It was a critical assessment because this year the marching band and jazz band both earned superiors in their assessments and getting a superior in Wind Ensemble would mean for the first time in Robinson history, we would have a “triple crown” of the three superiors.  “I felt pretty good about it.  We did a good job, I feel everyone worked hard and whatever we got we deserved,” senior contrabass clarinet player Vanessa White said after walking off the stage at King on Friday.

Before director Christopher Revett revealed the final score that night, he said, “I’m very proud of the students.  I thought the students were very musical and professional.”  Then he let his students know, “I don’t care what score they give you because I’m proud of your hard work.”

“It’s an amazing accomplishment.  I’ve never walked off a stage feeling that happy before.  I knew that it was a superior the second we finished.  It’s such a great feeling.  I really hope it’s the beginning of a long streak.  Mr. Revett is an amazing teacher and I have no doubt that we can do it again next year,” junior tuba player Jonathan Sims said after scores were revealed.