Teacher Feature| Chef Clarke


Photo A. Graves

Chef Clarke, the culinary teacher and Ida S. Baker TOY.

Q&A with culinary teacher Russell Clarke.
What inspired you to cook?

Clarke: “I don’t know… Actually one of my teacher in high school I would say [inspired me to cook].”

What is your favorite dish?

Clarke: “I don’t really have one, but my favorite cuisine would be Mediterranean cuisine, and also Spanish and European [foods]”

What college did you attend?

Clarke: “[I attended] John and Wales in north Miami”

What was your college major?

Clarke: “[I majored in] Culinary arts’

How many tattoos do you have?

Clarke: “[I have] two tattoos.”

What is the meaning of one of your tattoos?

Clarke: “One [represents] my daughter to be born’s name.”

What is your favorite hobby or past time?

Clarke: “[I enjoy] creating music, writing and producing music; anything from soul to hip hop, R & B”