You Know You Have Senioritis When…


Photo R. Matamba

Senioritis at it’s finest…

Renee Matamba, Photographer

“… You go to sleep at eight o’clock with out doing all of your homework”
-Julian Sourivongs

“… [You] use [your] JA to sleep”
-Alexis Eshleman

“… When [you’re] up late at night doing very difficult IB assignments and  want to do nothing else but sleep”
-Jack White

“… This book was due yesterday and you still have to annotate 50 pages”
-Ty Simon

“… You choose sleep over homework”
-Amanda Davis

“… You skip school often”
-Kari Trautvetter

“… Ms. Lockett congratulates you for being here [at school]”
-Alannis Peterson

“… School seems like a chore”
-Alexander Herring

“… When you’re getting ready for homecoming while you’re doing college applications”
-Bomi Choi

“… When you start your senior year and you don’t want to do anything”
-Savanna Hearne

“… You never do any of your work”
-Cheyenne Follenius

“… You can’t finish this sentence”
-Manuel Tejeda

“… You don’t feel like doing any homework”
-Grace Gibson