Robinson Flag Team Brings Amazing Race to South Tampa

Isabel Giovannetti, RHStoday Editor-in-Chief

Blue morph suits, farm animals and tie-dye capes filled Robinson’s faculty parking lot early Saturday morning as the flag football team got together one last time before the start of the new school year.

As the finale to their summer season, the team put together a scavenger hunt based off of CBS’s Amazing Race. Split up into nine groups, the 45 girls traveled around the South Tampa area, answering clues and completing tasks. The players also had to decide on team names and outfits to match. The best outfit got a 30 second head-start.

The team’s competitiveness on the field came through in the race in every event, from throwing water balloons at Head Coach Josh Saunders to eating the hottest of hot wings at Beef O’Brady’s.

After a neck-in-neck race against Team Morphia to list all 29 of the schools that the Lady Knights played against in the 2015 season, Powder Puff Girls Olivia Salzman (’17), Michelle Santacreu (’17), Isabel Hanewicz (’17), Rachel Hendry (’19) and Mackenzie Hatton (’19) took first place.

You can follow the girls’ route here: