Voice Off: Students on Spring Break Plans


Photo I. Hanewicz

Sunsets and the beach: the typical spring-break-in-Florida scene.

Mia McKell, Staff Writer

Spring break is this upcoming week, March 14-18. As students take a week of rest before finishing out the rest of the school year, staffer Mia McKell interviewed students about how they plan to spend their time.

For seniors like Tanner Harden (’16), spring break isn’t much of a break from the college search. Harden plans to spend time visiting various colleges to help her make a decision on what school she wants to attend.

“I’m flying to Atlanta, then I am driving to Alabama to visit, and then I am going to go to Savanna College for Art and Design. I think I might also go to Virginia,” Harden said. “I am very excited.”

Like Harden, Vinnie Dinova (’16) is also taking a trip, but for pleasure. Dinvoa travels to St. Augustine, Fla. for three days next week.

“We are going to walk around and see all the historic buildings- but the thing I’m most excited about is seeing the ‘Fountain of Youth’, which is also featured in the 4th movie of pirates of the Caribbean,” Dinova said. “Obviously it’s not the same, but the idea is there.”

While a week away is a good opportunity to travel, some students seem to be quite content with a laid-back “staycation.”

“I am very excited about being able to catch up on sleep and all of my work,” Abby Duffey (’18) said.

Drew Glisson (’16) echoed Duffey.

“I’m going to be sleeping,” Glisson said about his plans.

Regardless of plans, students expressed excitement about their week away from school.

“Of course I’m excited for spring break,” Graham Willoughby (’18) said. “Just get me out of here.”