Super Sophomore, Ethan Geiger

Andrew McMillan, Staff Writer

As a freshman Ethan Geiger (’20) was blowing some people away, literally and metaphorically. Geiger is ranked 34th in the state of Florida (all grades and classifications) and 3rd for sophomores in the State of Florida.

He ran an astonishing time of 16:37.46 5k PR (personal record) in his freshman cross country season. With this in mind and the pure talent Ethan must possess, it is easy to think that he will be one of the greatest runners to walk the halls of Robinson.

Ethan’s track season followed in similar fashion with him running a 10:03.53 3200 meter (2 mile) which breaks down to a 5:01 miles which is very fast. Geiger and his team mate gave a few words on his passion for running and how he intends to get better.

According to Geiger, “Determination, dedication, practice, training, and having the mindset to do better,” contributed to his success.

Considering he is the fastest runner on the team at the moment and will remain the fastest as long as he doesn’t get injured. Geiger can only ever run against the watch and that can be a problem to some people because they only have themselves to compete against.

“The idea that I want to get a PR and just get better and better drive me,” Matthew Hunter (’20) is a close team mate to Geiger and had a few words on him and his passion for running saying, “When he is out there [running] he puts all his heart and soul into it.”

“Heart and soul” is a key phrase chanted by the Robinson cross country team before every meet, and Ethan Geiger is running with every last bit of it. Geiger says he wants to break 16 minutes for a 5k by the end of this season which is a lofty goal but one that he believes in and the rest of the team backs him on. So keep your eyes on this long haired, goofy, and extremely fast kid because he will definitely be setting records.