Got Experience?

Robinson’s new chemistry teacher explains that experience is the key to education.


Robinson’s new chemistry teacher Teaonne Franks.

Ava Hogan, Staff Writer

For Teaonne Franks, education is all about learning and growing from your experiences. Franks is excited to learn from her own experiences as she goes into her seventh year of teaching.

“To me [experience] is education… education is through your experience.” These are the words on Teaonne Franks’ mind as she jumps head first into the new school year. This is Franks’ first year teaching chemistry here at Robinson. She has been teaching for six years and is exited to start her seventh at a new school.

Franks is thrilled to influence her students and provide them with as much hands-on disclosure as possible.

“I’ve always been a big advocate of education. Just allowing people to have knowledge in knowing whats going on around them,” Franks said.

“Simple little things as kids maturing into adults that we should be exited about,” Franks said.

She is looking forward to effecting the lives of her students and helping them blossom into young adults. Her hope is that her student will be exposed to infinite ways to use and practice their skills in the real world.

Marina Werkmeister (’22) has said that she is happy to have Ms. Franks as a teacher this year and feels like she will help her excel.

“As a person I feel like she is very relatable with to students and she understands our struggles with every single class especially since she has children of her own,” Werkmeister said. “She has a lot of patience.”

Her students can definitely tell that Franks’ intentions are for her students to have the best possible learning atmosphere.

“She starts every class off the bat every period, like even if her last one was bad, she’ll come in with a smile on her face and be willing to teach,” Werkmeister said.