ISSUE 4: Editors’ Letter

Juno Le and Zoe Thaxton

Nine print issues. That’s how many we have produced in our time managing the Knight Writers staff together over the course of the last two years. So here’s a toast to our final one before we head off to IB exams, graduation and life beyond high school.

In this print issue, we allowed the new managing editors to take charge and get a feel of what it takes to lead a newspaper staff and observed from the sidelines what the new Print Managing Editor, Cecilia Cheng, had up her sleeve. While we’re sad to say goodbye, it is incredibly reassuring to know that Knight Writers is in good hands.

Last issue, the Knight Writers took a look at what’s to come for the spring season. In Issue 4, we’ve covered all things prom, caught up with some of the spring sports and took a look at the highly anticipated Taylor Swift Eras Tour. While it may seem like the year is quickly coming to an end, there’s still plenty happening around campus. And while this may be the final print issue of the school year, coverage of Robinson events and news will continue on until the end of the school year.

We’re sad to let go of course. So we’ve signed off with our fellow senior staffers on the back page with a special goodbye. Thank you for reading the fourth issue of Knight Writers Vol. 63. Knight Writers will return next school year with Vol. 64 led by a new set of editors. Sayonara!