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Does Taylor Swift deserve the hype?

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ISSUE 3: NFL? More Like Swiftie Snooze Fest

The 2023-24 NFL season causes a swarm of Swifties obsessed over Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend, Travis Kelce
Photo Winter Carbajal
An illustration of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

As many, if not all, know by now, Taylor Swift is currently in a relationship with Travis Kelce, an American football player for the Kansas City Chiefs. As Swifties became “Chief fans” overnight, this also meant more talk, especially on social media.

Since the first appearance of Swift at the Chiefs game on Sept. 24 of last year, fans have been raving about her and Kelce’s relationship. Since then, at every Chiefs game, thousands of fans anticipated Swift’s face to be shown on the jumbotron or their TV at home. With just a few seconds of screentime Swift shared, alongside the Chiefs, Swifties took to social media every time posting and freaking out about their relationship, posting clips of her with his family or cheering for him. While all of this can be considered “cute,” it’s also annoying.

Cool, a celebrity at a sports game. Nothing that hasn’t happened before. How about we keep it like it’s always been at games, whether it be football or basketball and give the celeb their 10 seconds of screen time and move on?

Instead of doing this, the National Football League (NFL) has been milking their relationship dry showing every little thing that happened between them and even using advertisements inspired by Swift. On Jan. 28, the Chiefs won their championship game against the Baltimore Ravens which meant that they were going to the Super Bowl alongside the 49ers and on Feb. 11, they came out with a win at the Super Bowl. Surprise, this meant even more talk of Swift.

Not to be the biggest debby downer known to man or a “Swiftie hater,” but can people live without her and her existence for two seconds, please?

Why are so many people supporting a woman who takes 13-minute flights on her private jet and so many more unnecessary flights which release high emissions of CO2 and heat into the environment? I’m not the largest activist in the world but why are you in need of a jet to travel 20 miles?

The NFL has turned away from sports and has focused on bringing in revenue like they don’t make plenty already. Swift attended 12 games in total and according to CBS News, has brought in over 330 million dollars for the NFL and Chiefs.

Yeah. Fans sold out Chiefs game in hopes (that weren’t guaranteed) to see her.

Swift is overhyped and this relationship, real or not, is a huge publicity stunt that is so tiring to witness. Their relationship coincides with the speculation of the NFL being scripted and I have to agree. Not in the sense that the game itself is scripted, you can’t script a football game. But when you think about the need for publicity, the Swift and Kelce narrative helps. It’s the perfect setup. Bring one of the nation’s current favorite pop star and a famous football player together to draw in publicity.

Think I’m exaggerating? Businessinsider stated when the Chiefs played the New York Jets on Oct. 2, “it was the most-watched NFL game since the Super Bowl in February, with 29 million viewers.”

While bringing in revenue for the NFL is always a plus on the business side of things, this also won’t be a long-term thing. Just as fast as it sparked, it will die out. With the close of the season done and over with, I’d love to see if they keep this going next year.

I’m so tired of seeing Swift’s face thrown at me and her fans going absolutely ballistic over the tiniest things that happen in any other normal relationship. This Swift and Kielce relationship needs to be put to rest. 

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Yesenia Rosario, News & Features Editor
Yesenia Rosario is a junior at Robinson and the News & Features Editor of  Knight Writers. This is her second year on staff and her first year as an editor.  Rosario has a deep fondness for the community that journalism has built for her, leading her to return to the staff for a second year.  "What brings me back is the community and the work, it’s very great. It’s very easy but fun at the same time," Rosario said.  Although busy with her academics, Rosario manages to find time for hobbies; she especially enjoys baking and being with friends. Rosario also appreciates a wide variety of media, particularly the essence of Jordan Peele's movies. Currently, “Coraline” is ranked as one of her favorite movies due to its more dark and irreverent tone.  “It's not that I don't lean over any other genres of movies, it's just that I think that thrillers and creepy movies have you on the edge of your seat more, they could be more interesting," Rosario said. "More can be done with a lesser timeframe, rather than like two-hour movies, and though they're good, they're pretty lengthy, so I think that horror and thriller movies have so much content in a short amount of time." Being a movie and music enthusiast, her favorite section to write is A&E. She often finds herself gravitating towards sections that allow her to editorialize.  “I prefer writing album reviews over any other, because it's something I enjoy writing about and giving my opinion on and it gives me a reason to listen to music for fun, rather than having to write lengthy feature stories or any informative story that aren't as fun to write," Rosario said.  Rosario hopes that her love for writing will continue to play a role in her future, even after high school. “One of the reasons I like journalism is that you’re able to choose and write about what you’d like and I think that’s pretty cool," Rosario said.  Profile by (Jordan De La Cruz)
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Winter Carbajal, Staff Writer
Winter Carbajal is a sophomore at Robinson and a staff writer for Knight Writers. This is his first year on staff. Carbajal can best be described as eccentric and dedicated. He puts his all into the things that motivate him and strives in environments where he's surrounded by goal-oriented people. "Seeing other people's progress and success motivates me and makes me push myself to try and improve," Carbajal said. One of Carbajal's reasons for joining newspaper was his love for writing. English is one of his fondest subjects and he sees the class as an opportunity to improve his skills. "I like reading anything horror like Stephen King. I really like older stuff too, like the classics," Carbajal said. Along with newspaper, Carbajal plans to get more involved in the Robinson community by joining clubs. He hopes to showcase his societal and political opinions while exploring his interest in biology in clubs like Speech and Debate and Future Healthcare Professionals of America. Inside the journalism room, Carbajal plans to showcase his opinions by writing news and political stories during his time on staff. He finds an interest in community events and involvement, being eager to sell newspaper ads and spread the word about print. Going into the future, Carbajal hopes to make the world a better place, and he believes it all starts with perspective. "I think I would focus on education and acceptance," Carbajal said. "Making everyone see and accept that we're all not that different from each other, we're all human. I want to help people see that."
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