Full Time Student Part Time Employee

Robinson students explain why having a job in high school can be beneficial.


Jackson Eliot at his YMCA job as a lifeguard.

Ella Wertz, Staff Writer

There are many students at Robinson high school who balance having an after school job with their academic responsibilities. Some students have interesting and unique jobs that are truly enjoyable to go to.

Having a job often gives students the opportunity to branch out and turn on their creative side as a break from typical school work and routines. Ainsley Mischka (’19) works at Sweet Soul in Soho, a restaurant that serves acai bowls as healthy alternative to desserts.

“My favorite part is that I feel that every bowl that I make is like a canvas like I get to make it kind of special and I love seeing people’s faces, when I see their faces and they say, ‘Oh my God, it’s so colorful’, that’s kind of cool,” Mischka said.

Interesting jobs like these provide students with a positive environment to spend their afternoons and unwind from the school day. Vanessa Furman (’19) works at a Twistee Treat and enjoys it because of the environment.

“My favorite part of working is the people that I get to work with. The environment there is always very fun and no one is ever too serious about it so it is a really fun place to work,” Furman said.

Like Furman, Jackson Elliot (’19), an employed lifeguard at the YMCA, finds his work environment by the pool a detox from the stress of school.

“I enjoy the pool and swimming so much that just that kind of vibe going around me is just pleasurable,” Elliot said.

Along with the positive environment that surrounds their workplace, many students also make friends through their jobs that they can relate to on many levels because they share the same workplace.

“Most of the people that work there are either currently attending Robinson or are Robinson alumni so it’s really cool because we are always planning to go places together or do Robinson type things together,” Furman said.

These jobs the students are picking up enhance their experience in high school because of the connections and relationships they form with their coworkers and because of their enjoyable work environments. Most students also enjoy their jobs because they concern their everyday interests and specialize in the student’s individual gifts.

“The job is tailored to exactly who I am as a person,” Elliot said. “I can’t sit down and sell something in some retail store, but I really enjoy connecting with people and making their experience better.”

Taking on a job in high school is daunting for many people but, choosing to pursue what makes you happy makes working a whole lot easier. The jobs that students choose reflect what they love to do. Whether students love art, athletics or public service, a job opportunity is available for them.

“I get to create bowls for people; it’s fun and creative and sometimes I get to add my own flare to it,” Mischka said.

Jobs also teach students life lessons that can be used throughout the future. Students learn how to manage their time and to be responsible, both qualities that will be used later in life and that will make the student more dependable to friends, parents, and teachers.

“Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to balance school work and my job but if I ever have issues I talk to my manager. I think it’s really worth it to try to have a job and be in school because it’s taught me a lot,” Furman said.

Working provides students with characteristics that will help them throughout their future. The jobs student’s take on have given them new experiences and opportunities to gain new friends, be surrounded by a positive environment, and  express who they are.