MyFox Prep Rally Pumps Up Student Body

Gia Coleman, Staff Writer

This morning after a week of voting, Robinson High School had its MyFox 13 Prep Rally that included dancing by all the fall sports as well as students in the bleachers and was hosted by three time Emmy award winner, reporter Charley Belcher. Junior Kevin McCall went as far as to call the event “Prep-ilicious.”

Along with Hot 101.5 DJ Change and crew, Belcher broadcasted live from the gym as the student body quickly filled the bleachers. Most students found the Prep Rally to be fun but senior Danny Greene found that it could’ve been improved.

“It needed more activity,” said Greene.

Sophomore Madison Sinclair echoed his opinion.

“It went well except that the people in the stands didn’t get to do anything,” said Sinclair.

The football team and fall sports celebrated their regular season victories and talked about their excitement as they enter post-season play. “It was pretty good to be recognized for all our hardword and success,” said senior Brooks Lovely.

The Marching Band and cheerleaders kept the crowd pumped as they danced to their own beats and those provided by Hot 101.5 and the students loved the music and wanted more of it. “It was fun but it needed more Gangnam Style,” exclaimed sophomore Joe Howell.

Overall most students found the Prep Rally to be lively and entertaining. Junior Brianna Williams was one of those student.

“It was one of the best pep rallies all year,” said Williams.


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