In Full Drive

Jenna Piontek, Staff Writer

For the past two weeks, it has been the battle of the toy drives.

The National Honor Society (NHS), Spanish Honor Society (SHS), and Strong Legs are all participating in the Christmas toy drives this year.

There are some differences between each of the clubs toy drives though; Strong Legs is introducing the Toys for Teens Drive, and National Honor Society is running the Toys for Tots.

But this year, the Spanish Honor Society is partaking in sending games and toys to children in the third largest Colombian city, Cali.

Spanish teacher Martha Landron is originally from Colombia and shares a personal connection to children who don’t have any toys.

“I was very poor when I was little,” said Landron. “I lived with my father, mother, grandmother, and six sisters.”

With only her father providing for her family, Landron grew up without any toys to entertain herself with. That is, until her godmother bought one for her.

“I remember when I got my first doll,” said Landron of the gift she received from her godmother. “It was a little Indian doll, with the shiniest black hair.”

She combed the dolls hair everyday to make it shiny. She also enjoyed making her sisters jealous because her godmother had only given her a doll.

“I know that just one toy can make a child very happy,” she said. “I want to help any child feel the happiness that I experienced when I got my first toy.”