IB Art Students Showcase Their Work

Samantha Verdisco, Staff Writer

For the third year in a row, IB senior art students, both higher level [HL] and standard level [SL], gathered to display their work at the annual IB art show. Each student showcased artwork which varied from multiple styles, techniques and designs that related to research on historical artists. This momentous presentation would count as their IA, or Internal Assessment, which is a requirement for all IB students in order to graduate.

Senior William Ihrig showcased his pieces at the event. The HL art student described his style as “representationalism,” or a general term for things that are not abstract.

“I was trained based off of the 19th century National School of Art in France,” Ihrig said. “Usually art is about something in society or has a meaning, but my art is more academic and technical.”

The show took place in the auditorium, and lasted for only one day. Students and parents were permitted to stop by and admire artwork displayed.