The End of the World?

Students at Robinson High School gathered in the courtyard or other outside areas from the hours of 1:00 to 2:00 in order to catch a glimpse of the sun halo. The sun appeared to be surrounded by a circle of light that resembled a rainbow. Inside the circle, the sky was a dark gray color. This sun halo can also be referred to as a 22-degree halo, or a sun dog. According to science teacher Kurt Thoreson, “A cold front came through last night, and there is still a lot of moisture in the air. Whenever light passes through water, you see a rainbow, so what you are actually looking at around the sun are water particles.”

Theories regarding the cause of this natural phenomenon varied dramatically. Students and teachers had drastically different perspectives, some believing it was the end of the world, while others attributed it to a scientific explanation.

Ronald Simmons, History Teacher: : “The world is  ending, and the apocalypse is coming.”

Maggie Mckee, Freshman: “I think it has something to do with the blood moon that happened two nights ago.”

Miosoti Negron, Senior: “There is a storm coming, so I think it is the water particles.”

Ryann Donahue, Junior: “I think it is a sign that the Lightning is going to win the Stanley Cup.”

Alice Lee, Sophomore: “The sun is expanding and the heat is going to consume every other planet. Then, I think the aliens that made the sun expand are going to replace all of the humans.”

Quentin Snyder, Freshman: “Aliens from outer space are destroying the sun.”

Ciara Faison, Freshman: “I think it was an eclipse.”

Elizabeth Proenza, Senior: “I think a star exploded far away.”

Carleigh Robinett, Senior: “We are all going to die.”

Mabel Proenza, Freshman: “Electromagnetic waves around the sun caused a ring to appear because  the light reflected off the water droplets.”

Charles Ward, Language Teacher: “I think it is ice crystals floating in the atmosphere.”

Daniella Alston: “I think there is going to be another eclipse tonight.”

Isabel Giovanetti, Freshman: “I think it is some kind of refraction in the clouds, and I do not think it is any more than that.”

Julio Gonzalez, Junior: “It is a rainbow around the sun due to moisture in the air.”

Kassandra Valdez, Sophomore: “I think the sun is moving closer to Earth.”

Bennett Spence, Freshman: “I think aliens circled around the sun, and the lights on their UFOs made a halo.”

Matti Trautvetter, Freshman:“It is just a sun halo caused by the sun; it’s just science.”

Katherine Kraemer, Freshman: “I think it was causedby the red moon from yesterday.”

Andrew Petterson, Sophomore: “I think it was caused by light shining through water particles in the air.”