FCA Ends An Event-filled Year

Catia Sleet , Staff Writer

The last club day of the school year was filled with elections, announcements and celebrations.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) celebrated Easter and an event-filled year, this past Monday, April 28.

FCA partnered with First Priority to sponsor multiple pizza lunches every other month. In the winter, Christmas caroling was held in the courtyard. An Easter egg hunt was planned, but cancelled in the spring.

Newly elected president Kendall Runyan (’16) was very involved in planning and executing events.

“We try to plan as many events as possible throughout the year in order to experience fellowship within our club,” said Runyan.

The number of FCA members totaled almost 160 students in different grades and programs. Even though the name of the organization includes “Christian athletes”, all students were welcome to join.

“All members of the board wanted to engage most members of our club in meetings and events,” said Runyan.

The end of the year pizza party was incorporated to bring together all members who participated throughout the year and the Christian holiday of Easter.

“We tried to plan an Easter egg hunt, but a pizza party was easier and less chaotic,” said Runyan.

The pizza party ran smoothly and the FCA board is planning on even more activities in the upcoming school year.