Electric Circuit Day


Photo J. Fontes

Justin Fontes, Staff Writer

Today, Physics Honors and Advanced Placement classes were given the opportunity to build electric circuits. Students were given three weeks to construct their group’s circuits. Groups that ranged from one to four students got together on their own time to build, test, and enjoy this hands-on experience.

“My group used four and a half potatoes with copper wire and zinc screw stuck in them to power a calculator,” said Sebastian Molinares (’15).

The students were not limited to specific power sources or items receiving the electrical energy. Some students built the average battery-to-bulb configuration; some used vinegar to power clocks; and some used potatoes to power calculators.

“For me, this was a great learning experience, because I found out how to calculate the induced current of the circuit and the force of the electric field,” said Shelby Lee.

Most students stated that they had a great time, and would definitely encourage offers to take physics. Mrs. Kruse, the physics teacher of the traditional program, believes that students learn best from hands-on experiences. This electric circuit lab was a success, and the kids cannot wait for the next lab.