Relay Teams, Themes


Catia Sleet, Staff Writer

Posters and announcements have been posted all over the campus. Students contacted family members and friends to donate to the cause. Huge amounts of attention have been brought to the upcoming cancer-awareness and research event.

Relay for Life at Robinson starts this Friday, May 9 at 6:00 pm and lasts until noon Saturday. Relay For Life includes an entire night of activities by participiating teams that are camped out around the track. Games will be played, items sold, luminaries lit and laps around the track with different themes will occur every half hour.

A wide variety of fundraisers for this event came to an end. The volleyball relay team sold donuts, the FBLA team sold spring rolls, and the AVID team sold chocolate-covered strawberries.

The captain of the volleyball relay team, Erin McGuire (’15), had to coordinate and make sure the team fundraised enough to meet the quota. A minimum of $10 a person was required to attend the event until 11 pm, $100 to spend all night.

“It was a lot of work to plan and raise the money, but it’s such a great cause. I’m sure it will be a fun and helpful event,” said McGuire.

All funds are due by Tuesday, May 6.

The schedule for this Friday is posted below:

  • 6:00 Opening Ceremony
  • 7:00 Purple Power Lap
  • 7:30 Hats Off to Cancer Lap
  • 8:00 Cardboard Box Lap
  • 8:30 Colors of Cancer Lap
  • 9:00 Luminaries Ceremony
  • 10:00 Decades Lap
  • 10:30 Choose Your Own Lap
  • 11:00 Block Out Cancer Lap
  • 11:00 Mummy Lap
  • 12:00 Put Cancer to Sleep Lap
  • 12:30 Hillbilly Lap
  • 1:00 Nerd Lap
  • 1:30 Sports/Recreation Lap
  • 2:00 Superhero Lap
  • 2:30 Chicken Dance Lap
  • 3:00 Zombie Lap
  • 3:30 Funky Hair Lap
  • 4:00 2 Heads Are Better Than 1 Lap
  • 4:30 Cha Cha Slide Lap
  • 5:00 Backwards Lap
  • 5:30 Glow Lap
  • 6:00 Bubbles Lap
  • 6:30 Happy Birthday Lap
  • 7:00 Meet a Friend Lap
  • 7:30 Hawaiian Lap
  • 8:00 Jump Rope Lap
  • 8:30 Skipping Lap
  • 9:00 Gasparilla Lap
  • 9:30 We Are Family Lap