Senior Exam Exemptions


Emily Draper, Staff Writer

Exams for traditional seniors take place May 20 and 21, with make up exams on May 22 and 23. Each senior has the opportunity to exempt their exams if they meet certain criteria: three quality points earned in the second semester and at least one quality point earned in the fourth nine weeks, less than or equal to five absences (excused or unexcused) in the class he or she plans to exempt, and no ISS’s, ATOSS’s, or OSS’s in the second semester.

Yellow forms will be provided to seniors elligible in homeroom this Friday, May 9th. Students not elligible for the original exemption forms include those with excessive absences to homeroom. If a senior’s discipline history changes, the administrators will have to notify the student that he or she will be taking their exams.

Seniors who receive the forms will have the opportunity to have each teacher sign it, fill out their third and fourth quarter grades on it, and fill out their absences to the class on the form.

Forms will be collected in the Student Affairs Office by no later than Wednesday, May 14th at the end of the school day.