Senior Exams | May 20-21, 2014

Renee Matamba, Staff Writer

This week is exam week for all seniors required to take exams. Exams will be distributed on Tuesday, May 20th and Wednesday, May 21st.

All Senior exams will be given in the auditorium, starting promptly at 7:25 AM on both days. Students will:

1. Enter the Auditorium through the Lobby Area and enter the Auditorium in alphabetical:

-(A-K) enter doors on the left and approach the tables in front of the stage

-(L-K) enter doors on the right and and approach the tables in front of the stage

2. Proctors will have a folder with all of your exams & scan-trons that you are scheduled to take (You will take one at a time in the order in which you choose).

3. You will ONLY need to bring:

A. #2 Pencils

B. Pens

C. A Calculator

D. Scrap Paper will be provided if needed

4. DO NOT bring a book bag; or you will be directed to put your book bag on the stage

5. All Cell phones must be OFF and put away (if you don’t have a secure place to put your cell phone do not bring it).

6. You will be directed where to sit, you will not sit directly next to someone.

7. IMPORTANT: You will need to write in your student # and bubble the corresponding numbers for grading purposes. 

8. You will need to include EXAM # next to your name and your phone number above the box, in case we need to reach you with an exam issue.

9. Remember, you must pass your exam with a 60% or higher to pass the semester if you are in need of the quality points.

10. All testing will stop at 11:27 am for LUNCH and will resume at 12:00 pm.

11. GOOD LUCK!!!!