Yesterday’s Fire Drill Went Well, Say Admins


Olivia Salzman, Staff Writer

Back to school means back to the same old fire drills. There are a few adjustments this year to the way things used to be done.

Both Principal Johnny Bush and Assistant Principal Niki Lockett were very satisfied with how the drill was executed.

“The drill was very efficient. I was very pleased to see that with the changes,” said Lockett. “This year we don’t have the bleachers so students need to make sure they move up on the track and stay away from the concession area.”

There are also a few new routes that both teachers and students need to learn.

Both Lockett and Bush want to remind students that despite the false alarms last week, when the alarm sounds, treat act like it is a real fire and exit that building quickly and quietly.

“If it is a false alarm we will make an announcement within 30 seconds,” Bush said to students and faculty via intercom after everyone returned to their classrooms.

Overall, they say they were pleased to see how fast and flexible the students were and that it was a great first fire drill.