Lockett, Batista Join in Spirit Week Festivities

Leana Pustam, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, students were scurrying around campus wearing either suspenders or soccer jerseys for the ‘Mathletes vs. Athletes’ Spirit day. One of the most iconic outfits that was seen was in the administration – Assistant Principal for Administration Niki Lockett and Assistant Principal for Student Affairs Amanda Batista were mathletes, dressed up as calculators.

“Mrs. Batista had a friend from another school that dressed up as a calculator,” Lockett said. “She asked me to do it with her, probably because she knew I was the only one in administration that would do it.”

Batista talked about the outfits with Lockett on Monday, and she brought in the calculators that her friend made on Tuesday.

Lockett did not want to say whether she was dressing up for any other spirit days or not.