Polls Open Today For Elections

Isabel Giovannetti, News & Opinion Editor

On November 4th, millions of people across the country will head to the polls to cast their votes for the mid-term elections.
However, it is predicted that many Americans won’t partake in the political process this year. The 2014 campaigns have been marked by nationwide apathy and disapproval.
At Robinson High, only about 44% of 18 year old students are registered to vote.
David Enriquez (’15) is not yet 18, but wishes that he could have a chance to vote in this election.
“When you vote, you make sure that things that are going to affect you happen the way you want them to. That’s what democracy’s about, making choices so that your happiness is secured and the happiness of others,” said Enriquez.
A passionate participant in politics at the age of 17, Enriquez feels that there can only be two explanations for the “apathetic responses” to this year’s elections.
“With young people, I think, it’s the easy choice to make. When we’re young, we have these agendas to have as much fun as we can. And if we really do commit to the political process and voting, it can interrupt [that]. So I think it can really be seen as an inconvenience.”
In regards to older voters, Enriquez believes that perhaps people have gotten tired of politics and of feeling as though their voice is not being heard. Additionally, many see Florida’s most prominent election, the gubernatorial race, as a choice between two evils
“This election doesn’t have the best options,” said Enriquez. “A lot of people view this as breeding two extremes.”
Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 6.51.56 AM Almost 90% of students who are registered plan on voting.
Perhaps today’s young adults may be, as Enriquez put it, concerned with more than Instagram likes.