Computer Science Attends Code Quest Competition


Photo A. Kersey

The winning “Pirates of Java Docs” costumes.

Isabel Hanewicz, RHStoday Editor-in-Chief

IT tech company Lockhead Martin sponsored the Third Annual Code Quest competition this past week.  This year it was held for the first time in Orlando. Students from Florida, North and South Carolina attended in groups of two to three students to solve 15 to 20 Java Programming problems.
Computer science teacher Aurora Kersey took AP Computer Science students Kyle Bustami, William Bowers and Jesse Shrader to the competition.  Students were able to see many simulations, meet many employees from all departments and see first hand how software and computer engineering impacts their operations, as well as how Microsoft Outlook and Excel used to keep track of pilot training.  Kersey and her students also saw graphics design and gaming simulations to train pilots.  
In the costume contest, Robinson’s team “Pirates of JavaDocs”  took first place.  .