SGA Lights The Knight

Student Government works through minor inconveniences in order to host a successful after school or rally.


Cilicia Anderson, Sports Editor

The annual Light The Knight pep rally took place last Wednesday night on Robinson’s football field as students rolled in to show their school spirit and watch as the inner court was revealed.

Inner court includes Count and Countess Jaden Morgam(’21) and Jonee Ward(’21), Duke and Duchess Joshua Hall-Gomez(’20) and Trisitina James(’20), Prince and Princess Jovani Saturno(’19) and Olivia Espinoza(’19). Queen and King was announced at Friday’s Homecoming game against Middleton with Zjala Phelps and Bryce Hoover crowned queen and king, respectively.

This is the second year Joshua Hall-Gomez(’20)  was voted into inner court.

“I would say that the reason I ran for court was to represent my sophomore class,” Hall-Gomez (’20) said. “When I found out that I made inner court it was just such an amazing feeling to know that I won again for the second year in a row.”

Inner court member Caroline Caplinger (’18) ran for queen because of her teammates.

“Well I ran because the past couple years a girl from flag football has won, so some of the flag girls and I were trying to decide who should run and I decided to give it a try,” Caplinger said. “I was nervous going into the pep rally because I wasn’t sure I was gonna make it but I was really excited when I did. For Friday I don’t really have any expectations, I’m just excited that I’ve made it this far and can’t wait be a part of the ceremony”

A lot of planning went into the Light The Knight event. Members in student government as well as the sponsors, Kristina Chowning and Sarah Sanford, had to get clearance from the district and school for a lot that took place.

“We had to get the food trucks together and get those contracts. We had to get the DJ together and to write the script, get the homecoming court coordinated and get that script done,” Sanford said. “We had to get the ‘RHS’ out on the field, that was a big thing, and we had to get it approved by the district. We had to tie T-shirts on the ‘RHS’ so we can light it on fire. We had to create Snapchat filters, we had to get the word out to the student body that we are having it and then we actually had to do it.”

Although it was evident that SGA put a lot of effort into the event, many felt displeased about how the night unraveled.

“It was boring, honestly,” Jonathan Cardona (’19) said. “We didn’t do as much as we did the past couple Light The Knight pep rallys.”

Those who participated in the pep rally including the Starlets and band members also felt as though they didn’t do the best they could have and have a lot of room for improvement.

“It might not have been our best but I still had a fun time,” Starlets captain Reginald Allen (’19) said. “Sometimes it’s not always about doing your best but it’s about having fun.”

There were a few misunderstandings regarding time since some students believed it started at 6:30 or 7 p.m. when it actually started at 6 p.m. Even with the minor inconveniences, SGA is taking it as a learning experience in order to improve next year’s pep rally.

“We may adjust the timing a little bit later so that maybe it’s a little bit later at night, we may adjust some of our social media campaigns so we can get the word out a little bit stronger,” Sanford said. “We may change a couple things about the court ceremony so that we highlight our students a little bit better but all in all, as long as all of our students have a good time, that’s what were shooting for.”