Seniors send in first applications for college

Early college application deadline of Nov. 1 puts students a step ahead.



Florida State University fall and spring deadlines.

Morgan Brazier, Staff Writer

Seniors at Robinson High School have begun to apply for colleges, and with the early admissions deadline finally here, many students are already a step ahead.

Colleges such as University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, and Florida State University have Nov. 1 as their deadline for early applications.

Many Robinson students also apply to the University of Florida, and while the schools normal early application deadline is Nov. 1, the date has been pushed back to Nov. 15 because of hurricane Irma.

While Nov. 1 is the deadline for most Florida schools, out of state colleges can vary.

“November 1 is a really good date to have in mind to just get everything submitted by,” college and career counselor Meredith Wright said. “There are a few schools out of state that their deadline is actually Oct. 15.”

Some schools, like Hillsborough Community College, are known as rolling, meaning they take applications throughout the school year. However, waiting to apply could affect a student’s chances for a scholarship.

“If you apply earlier they see your application sooner,” Greyson Leal (’18) said. “If they see your application sooner, and it’s good enough, they might offer you more scholarships than if you apply later. So, that’s one reason to do it early.”

Applying to college early not only greatly increases a student’s chance of being accepted to a school, but also increases the chances of receiving financial aid. Many schools do not end up accepting students who wait until the spring deadline to apply.

“Students who apply by that deadline usually don’t get in because they fill up with that first deadline,” Wright said.

Due to the fact that dealing with college applications can be a difficult process, Robinson students have a helpful resource for this: The Cube.

The Cube is an office on campus run by volunteers. Students, especially upperclassmen, are offered guidance through the college search and application process.

“The Cube is there as an additional resource to the counselors,” Wright said. “I can help with college board stuff, ACT, SAT, and applications, but the Cube is also here to help with those resources as well.”

“I really think [early applications] gives me a better chance for going where I want to go,” Shawn Henson(’18) said.

It is clear that it is very beneficial for students to get their early applications in by November first, especially if students want scholarships or other forms of financial aid.