Orchestra and Tri-M concert promotes holiday cheer


Photo Josh Hall-Gomez

The Robinson band performs in the Veteran’s Day concert.

Cassidy Williams, Staff Writer

Today marks Robinson’s annual winter concert featuring the orchestra, Tri-M music honor society band and a full orchestra composed of winds and strings. The concert is not only an exciting chance to get into the holiday spirit but a chance to give back to the community with a canned food drive benefiting Metropolitan Ministries.

Students like orchestra member Vivian Vu (‘20) look forward to the concert and the good it does for the community.

“It’s usually the best concert we have because there’s more selections of music the overall feeling that we’re raising canned foods for kids,” Vu said. “Students can take the initiative to bring in food for Metropolitan Ministries. We’re trying to fill at least three barrels full of food.”

Additionally, Tri-M president and senior Jamin Liu expresses his excitement for the concert and his pride for all the hard work the students have put in. As well as the benefits of the concert in our surrounding community.

“It’s going to be great because we’re going to have to orchestra and they’ve been working really hard to prepare some songs and the band and orchestra together and we’re going to play really fun holiday tunes the audience is going to be really excited.” Liu said, “We’re also going to have this big canned food drive so we can raise awareness for the community supporting Metropolitan Ministries in the holiday season so not only is this a fun time but a helpful time.

Not only is the concert a chance to give back to the community and experience the holiday spirit, it’s a chance to debut the student-run Tri-M group. Tri-M is an honor society for musicians from both band and orchestra. The students are inducted into the honor society based on their academics, an application and their passion for music. The students run their own practices with a student conductor.

“I look forward to this concert every year,” band director Christopher Revett said. “It’s Tri-M’s first concert of the year so I like to see where the Tri-M group is because it’s always fun to see how they do because they do everything on their own without any director supervision.”

The concert begins at 6:30 p.m. tonight and admission is free but a donation of canned food is encouraged.