Students prepare for club picture day

Robinson’s annual club picture day will take place in the gym on January 29.


Photo M. Brazier

Robinson File Photo. Clubs are back this year at RHS.

Morgan Brazier, Staff Writer

Robinson’s club picture day takes place on Jan. 29. The school’s yearbook staff will be working to set up the event so that everything will run smoothly and quickly.

The pictures will be taken in the gym for each club either during the first half or the second half of the period that the club meets, and there will be a schedule so everyone knows when they need to be there.

“Club picture day is going to be a normal club day,” yearbook teacher Nancy Oben said. “It’s basically organized by class period, so your club picture will be taken during the time that you normally have your club.”

Club pictures are an important part of the yearbook because they allow people to look back and see what they did, and what shaped their high school experience.

“Club pictures are just a way to show you and… your kids 20 years from now, or your friends, or your mom that you’re a part of that group or a part of that club,” Oben said. “You want to see that picture of you.”

Taking the pictures should go pretty quickly for the most part, so clubs should still have time to squeeze in a meeting before or after their picture.

“I don’t think it’ll affect our meeting time that much because in Mu Alpha Theta when we go for pictures we meet up and we practice some math problems and practice as teams,” Esha Babu (’20), secretary and historian of Mu Alpha Theta, said. “I think we can still do that when coming back.”

A schedule was sent to the club sponsors and appears below, so everyone will know when to go for their pictures. Students should make sure that they have all of their club shirts with them on club day.


Club Picture Day Schedule

First Period
First Half

Best Buddies

French Honor Society
Pre-Vet club

Second Half

RHS Against Cancer

Jewish Student Union

Travel Deca

Second Period
First Half

Black Heritage Club


Fashion Club

Second Half

Rho Kappa

Science Club

Speech and Debate

Tri-M Music Honor

Third Period
First Half


Second Half


Young Writers


Fourth Period
First Half

Junior Civitan

Latin Club

Second Half


Pick 6

5th Period – SGA  
6th Period
First Half


Be Unicef


First Priority

Second Half

Gay Straight Alliance



Rock Climbing

7th Period
First Half

Bowlers Against Bullying

Club Chivalry


Future Doctors of America

Second Half

Marine Bio

Mu Alpha Theta



Strong Legs