Relay for Life hosts Survivor Breakfast


Relay for Life hosts a Survival Breakfast to honor cancer survivors.

Nicole Perdigon, Staff Writer

On Feb. 10, The American Cancer Society will host a Relay for Life Survivor Breakfast at Hyde Park Presbyterian Church to celebrate those who have overcome cancer.

“This is actually a new event for the Relay for Life of Tampa,” said Kristina Chowning, Robinson teacher and co-leader of the South Tampa Relay for Life. “More exciting than the breakfast is the fact that we have all the Davis Island, Harbor Island and Westshore district… and now we have more survivors than we’ve ever had before.”

Abagail Patterson (’20), the student connection coordinator for Relay for Life, is also excited about the event and how it will help people.

“This is my first year doing Relay for Life with Robinson,” Patterson said. “I’m hoping at this breakfast a lot of information will come out about how to get connected and sign up for Relay.”

For most, Relay for Life and this breakfast is a way for people to connect and build a stronger, more positive community– but to Chowning, its more than that.

As a survivor of stage 1 breast cancer, Chowning wanted to step back from the Relay for Life board and allow herself time to heal and rest. However, Chowning saw the importance of putting others first, urging her to stay on the board. She found that her position allowed her to share her story with others to motivate and inspire.

“During the first year that I was on the board is when I received my diagnosis,” Chowning said. “I found that the support I received from my fellow chair people and board members was a supportive environment and I grew through the experience.”

Robinson High School will be hosting an all-night Relay for Life event on Friday, April 20-21. Click here to register or to donate to Relay for Life.