FCCLA bake sale shut down

Jack Kirk, Staff Writer

In order to raise funds for their competitions, The Family Career Community Leaders of America club organized a bake sale selling sets of four cookies for one dollar each. However, they had to shut down the sale due to district regulations that prohibit teachers and students from selling food products during school hours, with or without district approval.

FCCLA is a club that focuses on building family, career, and community skills that will help members in life. The club has competitions, such as a knowledge bowl and a virtual business challenge. Members of the club go on field trips in order to attend these events, and they have many different things that they have to pay for. Costs include transportation, club shirts, and club dues. Without fundraising, the students will have to pay for their competitions with their own money.

“My intention was to raise money for my students to go to competitions without placing a financial burden on their families,” Lori Bynum, the FCCLA club sponsor, said. “I did not have proper approval from Ms. Lockett who controls everything as far as fundraising goes.”

Aside from not having approval, teachers and students are prohibited from selling food and drink products during school hours. Florida State Statue 5P-1.003(1)(c) states that food and beverage fundraising that is approved during after-school hours is not subject to the district fundraising regulations. FCCLA was selling food products that did not meet the regulations during school hours without approval, causing assistant principal for administration Niki Lockett to shut down the sale.

Without the funding that the sale would bring in, the club will have to find alternative means of fundraising or pay the costs out of pocket.