Snowball dance will be a flurry of fun

Robinson will hold an on campus dance on February 15th


An ad for the Snowball dance.

Nicole Perdigon, News Editor

Picture this, a night with you and all your friends hanging out, with dancing, food and raffles. Its a night of wonder and fun, and the best part, it only costs 10 dollars.

This Feb. 15, Robinson will be holding a winter themed Snowball Dance, held in the gym from 7-10 p.m.

Junior and Main Committee Chair for the dance, Abby Patterson drafted a prompt for the dance to Principal Robert Bhoolai back in September. The prompt was approved over Thanksgiving break and, with help from Christina Chowning and Thomas Dusold, Patterson began preparing for the dance.

“This dance will 100 percent happen and I am so excited for it,” Patterson said. “I am super excited we just got raffles donated and raffle tickets will be sold during the dance.”

Not only will raffle tickets be sold during the dance, a professional DJ will also be coming out with lights and decorations. As for food, Robinson’s booster club will be running the concession stand.

Patterson wanted this dance to be an opportunity for kids to get together and have a good night, no need for dressing up fancy and no need to spend a crazy amount of money.

Dusold agreed, wanting this dance to be an event that is affordable and fun for kids and a possible inspiration to other schools who are interested in having an on campus school dance.

“It will be the first dance on campus in the 21st century so you know as long as some of you have been alive … I think that is kinda special that we are trying to get that going again,” Dusold said. “It just would be neat to have a opportunity for the kids to get together and have fun.”