Recapping the 2019 mayoral election


Photo RHSToday Staff

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Anna Woodward, Staff Writer

This Tuesday, March, 5 was election day in Tampa. However, the election is not over quite yet.  Mayoral Candidate Jane Castor had the highest number of votes at 48%, with David Straz second with 15%. Because neither candidate recieved 50% of the vote, on April 23rd, a runoff election will take place to determine which of the two candidates will be mayor.

City Council Winners:

District 1:

Joseph Citro

District 2:

Charlie Miranda

District 3:

John Dingfelder

District 4:

Bill Carlson

District 5:

Jeffrey L. Rhodes

District 6:

Guido Maniscalco

District 7:

Luis Viera

All 18 amendments to the city charter were voted “yes”.