Plant spirit week line up

Everything you need to know about the upcoming spirit week


Meena Vasquez, Senior Staff Writer

This year, SGA has been creating more spirit weeks than ever, all to create more RHS school spirit and get us hyped for pep rallies, school events, and games. For the first time, we have a spirit week dedicated to the Plant game coming up next week. The spirit week lasts from 10/28-11/1. The line up is as shown:

Military Monday: Wear purple for military appreciation month, or a t-shirt showing branch(es) of the military.

Tacky Tourist Tuesday: Floral shirts, fanny packs galore.

World Wide Wednesday: Wear clothes from your culture.

Costume day: AKA Halloween. Wear a costume, but no masks and weapons.

Black out Friday: Wear black RHS clothes to show your school spirit.

SGA member Emily Dusold (’21) provides insight into why these specific days were chosen.

“We wanted to theme it around the whole idea of beating Plant, however what has happened during the week we had to change it [some spirit days]” Dusold said.

Originally, some of the days were different. Instead of Tacky Tourist Tuesday, it was previously Safari Tuesday and Black out Friday was Funeral Friday.

“Safari Tuesday was we’re hunting down the Plant panther. World Wide Wednesday was just a fun idea and to show off the different cultures, obviously Thursday is Halloween so we wanted to celebrate. Funeral Friday was to go with the pep rally but we kept it [an] all black [day]” Dusold said.

Students shared their opinions on the spirit week days. Lilly Brill (‘21) said she likes the spirit week themes.

”I like how there’s a day specifically for Halloween. I think it’s very interesting since it’s my favorite holiday,” Brill said.

Plant spirit week will combine the traditional spirit themes with new ones to create a lineup with variety.

”I respect [Military Monday] that, I think it’s a good cause. [Tacky Tourist Day] is a classic day,” Alex Warner (‘21) said.