From head of the reading department to assistant principal

Morman makes her move from Reading department head to assistant principal.


Ms. Morman, the new Traditional Assistant Principal

Kenzie Krcelic, Staff Writer

Robinson’s reading department head and teacher, Kailyn Morman, recently made the transition to an Assistant Principal for Student Affairs. With Amanda Batista, former AP for Student Affairs, stepping up to her new position of IB Assistant Principal, Morman decided to take over.

“I felt like it was time for me to move into a new role so I could help more kids than just those in my classes,” Morman said.

When Morman decided to pursue her new administrative role, she attained a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. Earning this degree was time consuming, but Morman was motivated to get the position.

“I am determined to to learn this position so that I can be as effective as possible, and that means putting in the time to do so,” Morman said.

Although Morman misses her students, she is enjoying her new role as an AP.

“The biggest change of this new position is not being in the classroom everyday, I miss that already,” Morman said.

She is still able to work with the students in her class, which is her favorite part of her new position so far.

Before Morman switched to administration, Christopher Pettit was the only AP for Student Affairs, which made it difficult to work in unison without being pulled in different directions. Now that Pettit has an extra set of hands, he believes things will run a lot smoother within the community.

“It feels great having a full team…we will be able to do a lot more, and support the teachers and students a lot more,” Pettit said.

A goal for Morman is building a support system for each and every student at RHS  in order to be successful after graduation.

“I want them [students] to see me as a resource, here to help them navigate through high school and figure out what is next,” Morman said.