Winter guard tryouts

Starlets search for new recruits


Photo J. Oben

Members of the Robinson Colorguard perform a flag routine for a competition.

Hanna Malone, Staff Writer

The Starlets are our school’s own dance and color guard team. In the 1980s, they were primarily a dance team, but gradually became what they are today with the focus on auxiliary, or color guard, as it is more competitive and therefore has more opportunity to showcase their members’ skills.

This week they are looking to expand their team for the upcoming Winter Guard season.

Tryouts are going to be held after-school on Tuesday through Friday from 3:45 to 5:45 in the auditorium.

Winter Guard is a continuation of the Starlets, where they perform in competitions inside of indoor gymnasiums instead of being under the Friday night lights of high school football games, as the season has already come to an end. The color guard performs dance routines and tosses sabers, flags, and rifles.

FFCC, Florida Federation of Colorguards Circuit, the circuit in which they compete is well-known on a national scale. If they advance to regionals, they have potential to work their way up to a competition in Dayton, Ohio.

Each year, they select a theme that comes with a vinyl screen-printed mat to perform on. This year has a western theme based around Annie Oakley, a famous American sharpshooter.

“The show is definitely going to be different. It’s supposed to be really sassy and fun, but also all about woman-empowerment,” said Siara Espejo, the head coach of the Starlets.

Members must be dedicated to the team and have a flexible schedule; it’s a big time commitment. Typically, the team practices anywhere from six to eight hours a week. On a normal week they practice on Mondays and Wednesdays for three hours each day. However, this schedule can be altered depending on upcoming performances and competitions. The Starlets also host camps where they practice for one to two hours every day of the week. Competitions are held on Saturdays during the season.

The Starlets have a close team bond, and thoroughly seem to enjoy each other’s company.

“I really appreciate how there is no judgement or ill malice between anyone on the team, they are a family who truly seem to enjoy what they are doing together,” Espejo said.

As for new recruits, the team is looking to add 10 new members with a passion for performing. During marching band season, the team had 12 people on the team.

“We are looking for hard workers and people who like to perform. If you like to make people feel things without saying anything, then you should try out! Dance experience is great, it will definitely give you and edge, but it isn’t really a requirement,” Espejo said. “I had no dance experience when I joined in high school, but look where I am now.”

To try out you are required to fill out a packet with a medical release form, as well as a notarization. You also must  have a minimum GPA of 2.0, just like any other school-sponsored athletic.