New year, new rules

Student Affairs implements hallway and dress code ‘sweeps’.


Every student received this sheet on Tuesday, Jan. 7

Kenzie Krcelic, Staff Writer

In wake of the new year, students returned back to school to find out that Student Affairs plans to conduct dress code and hallway sweeps. Many students are wondering what these ‘sweeps’ include.

Assistant Principals will be patrolling the hallways in search of people without passes. If students are caught without a pass, whether they are skipping or even just using the restroom without a hallway pass, students will be escorted by administrators to the In School Suspension room for the remainder of the period.

These hallway sweeps will be happening sporadically throughout the day during different periods.

In addition to this new system, dress code sweeps will also be in order.

Dress code sweeps are similar to hallway sweeps. If students are caught roaming the halls out of dress code, they will be sent straight to the Student Affairs office and dress coded, even if students alter their clothes on the way to the office. Following their trip to the office, they will also be asked to change their clothes, refusal to do so will result in ISS.

Alongside these sweeps, dress code rules were emphasized, including:

  1. Shorts must be finger-tip length
  2. Shorts must be visible
  3. Shirts must reach the top of your waistband

These sweeps aim to enforce rules that were already in place and keep the school environment focused on academics.