Chorus’ comeback

The newly revived class will perform at the Spring Concert


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Hanna Malone, Staff Writer

In August, a class that was last taught here during the 2008-2009 school year was reintroduced by Ms. Sarah Taylor in room 109. The subject, you ask? Chorus.

The class was reestablished after a great deal of interest in reviving the choir had been brought to Taylor’s attention. This year, the group has taken a focus on mastering mainstream pop songs.

“Well, right now we mainly sing pop. Since it’s a new group and this is all kind of experimental, I really want to make sure to keep the kids engaged by working on pieces they’re familiar with,” Taylor said.

Chorus is an elective, not a club. Therefore, they do not have a designated day throughout the week to meet after school, but show up every day to practice during school hours. The only chorus class is during eighth period and both IB and traditional students are registered in the course; students receive grades for participation, assignments and class performances. There are about twenty students enrolled in the class.

Because the class is on the smaller side, they are unable to compete this year. The Chorus MPA (Musical Performance Assessment) is on the mixed choir’s to-do list for upcoming years as the program develops. Next year, they hope to expand and recruit more members to add to the group.

Though they have never competed, the chorus has performed for the school at concerts. They sang at the Winter Showcase, and will also perform later in the year on April 23rd for the spring concert. Typically these musical demonstrations are “combined concerts” with both chorus and orchestra performing in one night.

The group is centralized on growing and improving: “Our group has talent, definitely; it’s just about working up the confidence to showcase it, and that takes time and practice,” Taylor said.