Knight Writers Vol. 60 Issue 3 out now


Knight Writers, Staff

The staff is pleased to announce the third issue of the Knight Writers newspaper for the 2019-2020 school year. In this edition, we investigate the gentrification caused by luxury apartment buildings around Robinson, recap the girls basketball season, discuss if Netflix is losing its edge, and much more. Copies of the newspaper are available in school now in room 112, but you can check out the online version below.

Correction to the Knight Writers Sex-Education Editorial: In this issue’s editorial, we state that in Florida any sex-ed lessons have an abstinence only policy and that they only teach not to have sex, not about safe sex practices. While that is true for some districts who choose an abstinence only approach, that is not true for all schools in Florida, including Hillsborough county. We apologize for this mistake. To read more about sex-ed policies, see our news article on, Public school policy on sex-ed.