Colleges close due to coronavirus

All Florida public universities are to move to online learning.


Photo D. Finke

The University of South Florida has moved to “remote instruction” due to COVID-19

Morgan Brazier, Editor-in-Chief

As of March 12, over 100 universities across the country have closed campuses and moved to online learning due to the coronavirus. On March 11, the State University System of Florida stated that all public universities in Florida will move to “remote instruction”. The University of Tampa and some other private universities have also transitioned to online classes.

Hillsborough Community College has not yet closed down campuses but is preparing students for if that happens, advising everyone to make arrangements to work from remote environments if necessary. They have however suspended all college events and activities until April 6.

“Because all of these things are bigger than just our school we wait for directions from HCC, they will have to have some modified accommodations,” said Jennifer Rosage, Robinson’s Assistant Principal for Curriculum.”We’ve been asking even our teachers that have dual enrollment here to put things online so kids can still continue their education but we know that most kids in dual enrollment have internet access but in the event that a kid doesn’t you know were going to have to make accommodations for them because this is a pandemic and not their fault.”

Students at most universities have been instructed to either return home since coming back from spring break or to stay at home when they leave for spring break, depending on when the colleges break was. Accommodations are to be made for students who are unable to leave campus housing.

The state university system has said, “All universities will continue to provide essential services, such as dining, counseling, health services, library services, etc., potentially on a limited basis or remotely.”

The Florida university system is following the CDC instructions as the coronavirus situation progresses, reevaluating their directives accordingly.