AP exams to be held online, IB exams cancelled

AP students will still have the opportunity to take the exam for college credit and IB students will not take their end of year exams.


Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer


On March 20 College Board gave updated information about the 2020 AP exams in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have released that there are no face-to-face exams this year. The exams will instead be administered online and will be 45 minutes long.

College Board has elected to make the exams available on any device that is accessible- computer, tablet, or smartphone. For exams requiring free response questions, students will be able to write their responses by hand and submit a photo.

Starting on Wednesday, March 25th, there will be free, live AP review courses, delivered by AP teachers across the country. Visit the YouTube channel here. This is an extended resource given to AP students to continue to learn the course material virtually.

There is an option for students to cancel exams. College Board stated they will not charge students if that is their decision, but it is not recommended. The college credit will still be earned if students obtain a high enough score, depending on what their college will accept. Colleges have stated they will count the scores of these modified exams the same way they would for normal AP exams.

College Board has not released the dates or specifics of the question types of AP exams yet but they have said they will do so by April 3rd.

College Board is working on solutions for those students who do not have access or have limited access to internet.

For more in depth information visit collegeboard.org.


As of March 23, IB exams that were scheduled to be between April 30 and May 22 will no longer take place. According to ibo.org students will receive a Diploma or a Course Certificate that reflects the “standard of work”. ibo.org also states in the case that students do return to school before the end of the semester, there still will not be IB testing.