What you need to know for the end of the school year

A guide on how to return and pick-up school materials during eLearning.


The list of all the dates and times for when students should come to school.

Amelia Foster, A&E Editor, Multimedia Editor

All Florida schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year, but the shutdown has thrown previous plans into disarray. Here’s a guide to what you need to know about the rest of the school year, including how to get yearbooks, how to empty lockers and how to return textbooks.

Yearbook pick-up

In order to keep social distancing standards, yearbook pick-up times have been split into two categories, along with their own subcategories. For underclassmen—including juniors—pick-up dates are Tuesday May 5 and Thursday May 7; for seniors, the pick-up date is Friday May 8. Specific times for each date have been categorized by first initial of last name, as seen in the attached image.

Uniform return

School athlete uniform returns officially took place Thursday April 30, but if the player missed that date, coaches will contact players to organize a new time. Other uniform return such as ROTC and Band will be coordinated by the respective teacher.

Locker clean-outs

The times to clean out lockers are identical to the yearbook schedule, which is organized by both grade and last name. Underclassmen (including juniors) can clean out their lockers on Tuesday May 5 and Thursday May 7,  while seniors can clean out their lockers on May 8. Students who purchased a locker should have received a message last week with their specific date and time.

Cap and gowns

Seniors will have the opportunity to pick up their cap and gowns during their scheduled times for yearbooks and locker clean-outs on Friday May 8. For seniors that still haven’t ordered a cap and gown, they should call Herff Jones as soon as possible. Pick-ups will happen on the bus ramp and teacher parking lot.

School books

Students can return any textbooks or Media Center books when they come to school during their scheduled times for locker clean-outs and yearbook pick-ups. If the materials are still needed during the scheduled times, there will be a drop off window at the end of May.