Sweet Taste of Orchestra

No sour notes for Robinson’s Orchestra.

Zoe Thaxton, Online Managing Editor

With sweet music and sweet treats, Orchestra performed their 2nd annual “Strings and Sweets” Concert on Wednesday, Nov. 2 in the cafeteria. The concert showcased a variety of instruments and group sizes from solos to quartets. After all the performances, guests were treated to a buffet of sweets and salty snacks provides by each member of the orchestra.

“It was a great experience that allowed everyone to practice something they wanted to and develop their skills. Doesn’t hurt they were sweetly rewarded for it,” Vice President Drew Zacharias (’23) said.

Students from all grades performed chosen pieces and worked on them in class. While some are experienced in the orchestra, others joined for the first time this year.

“I’m really proud of everyone who participated. I know, especially as freshmen who are just starting out [and] only have been playing for a couple months, it’s very scary to stand up there in front of everybody,” Orchestra President Vianca Ramirez (’23) said. “I think everyone did a good job and I’m really proud of everyone for facing their fears and just playing.”